Speaking The Truth as it is!!

Welcome to SpeakNigeria.com, a website dedicated to making your voice be heard. SpeakNigeria.com is an organization set up to make you the people of Nigeria to have a say in the events of your country. It is an interactive website where you will have the opportunity to tell the whole world about the happenings in the project-Nigeria.

Nigeria has gotten her independence from the colonial masters since October 1, 1960, yet there is little to show for it. A country blessed with so many resources, both human and otherwise, yet is plagued with poverty, decadence, pettiness, greed, illiteracy, religious callousness, absolutism, betrayal, intolerance, and outright bigotry; just to mention a few.

The question then is; what is wrong with Nigeria? The answer is quite simple; nothing is wrong with Nigeria. Unfortunately, Nigeria has given birth to children that did not love her. Many that came out of her loins are simply users of their own motherland. They do not know the meaning of love and how to translate and transplant love to their motherland.

Therefore SpeakNigeria.com is set up to inform, educate and bring about a new mental revolution needed to bring the necessary changes that the country needs. For this great nation to be great indeed, there needs to be a new way of thinking amongst Nigerians from top to bottom. The values system needs to be overhauled and replaced. Ethics and ethos need to be reintroduced into the Nigeria psyche before we can see the positive change we all are clamoring for.

From religious places to government houses there is a need for national reorientation and rethinking of values to make it possible for Nigerians to be able to imbibe simple decency and cultured thinking and actions. It is not just the demonstration of cultural thinking that makes a nation special, but a demonstration of cultured thinking and values. Nigeria has become a nation of cultural thinking without cultured thinking. It has become a nation of cultural sentiment without cultured actions.

The result is what we now see every day in the nation. Many Nigerians are now desensitized to truth, decency, order, self-respect, and most of all, human life. It is not uncommon to see dead bodies lying on the street with people walking and passing by the dead body without any alarm. People can be killed for as little as nothing, both on the street and in the so called hospitals all across the land.

In fact medical personnel in Nigeria commit more murder in the “slaughter houses” they called hospitals than armed robbers do on the streets. The lamentable part of it is that they get paid killing people with impunity.

Many Nurses and Doctors in Nigeria have constituted themselves as nuisance to the health and lives of the people they are being paid to help. If you want to get yourself killed quickly, go to Nigeria teaching hospitals or worse still National Hospital Abuja. Most of them are still practicing 19th century medicine and to make the matter worse they lack basic human feelings, ethics and ethos of the medical profession. They insult their patients, they make fun of patients and the bewildered families of their patients, and they go away with it.

Many in the medical profession in Nigeria are there for money and not to save lives, so they have no human feelings for their patients or sympathy for the families of the patients.

The result is that many Nigerians are now going to India for medical help!

I know you might say it is the fault of the government! Yes, I agree with you to some extent, but great nations are not built by the government; great nations are built by the citizens of the nation. Every nation gets the type of government they deserve!

On this website you will be able to tell the world about your experience with any Nigeria Hospital and as a matter of fact we will investigate your claim and help you put the name of such hospital and their medical personnel of the list of World’s famous killers if such hospitals do not improve their performance.

SpeakNigeria.com is not just about the Medical Personnel’s atrocities, we will be investigating other professions as well and bring the attention of the whole world to people who continue to make Nigeria one of the pariah nations in the world. However, we are starting with the medical profession because those who vouched to safe lives cannot continue to take lives with impunity. Enough Is Enough!

Send us your experience with any hospital in Nigeria and we will publish it as well as investigate your claim. We will be fair to the Doctors and Nurses as we know that some of them are really in the profession to save lives and they are doing their best under the circumstance they find themselves. Unfortunately, many of them are just under trained and ill-equipped for the task of saving lives.

Dr. Ade Ajala